Closing Spring 2020

After more than 50 years of providing pastors, teachers and church members with a Biblical background for the Christian faith, Illinois Baptist College will discontinue operations after the Spring semester ending May 2020.


The college is no longer accepting new students for degree programs or issuing I-20s for international studies.


Current or former students seeking transcripts may do so through Beverly Manor Missionary Baptist Church by calling (309) 745-8927.

Sponsoring Church

Illinois Baptist College operates as a mission work of Beverly Manor Missionary Baptist Church in Washington, Illinois. The college was established by the church to prepare Christians biblically, academically, practically and spiritually for a place of ministry that God has prepared for them.

Click here to learn more about Beverly Manor Missionary Baptist Church.

In addition to our sponsoring assembly, the college is supported financially by approximately 20 churches throughout the country, as well as through the prayers of many others.