I-20 Forms


Illinois Baptist College will only grant I-20 forms for the following individuals:

  1. Male Baptists or Protestants who have surrendered to the call to preach or full-time ministry. (*see notes below)
  2. For family members of those individuals who meet the qualifications.
  3. Children of Independent Baptist missionaries who are not American citizens will be granted an I -20.
  4. Children of Independent Baptist missionaries whether citizens or non-citizens will be permitted to attend tuition free.
  5. Young men who are called to preach, but are not American citizens, but are highly recommended by an Independent Baptist missionary will be given priority consideration and may be considered for reduced tuition.

* These individuals must write a paper explaining their call to the ministry and how they will use their education at Illinois Baptist College when they return to their native country.

* These individuals must show with bank records and letters that they and their sponsors have adequate income to pay for their education.

* These individuals must meet all Immigration and Naturalization requirements.